The Atlas Tyke provides top tier protection in a pint size package. Creating the best kids protection meant not making any sacrifices... The design is modeled after the sleek and sophisticated Atlas Air, but has been reduced in size to fit your little daredevil perfectly. Features include a light weight of 460g (1 lb), body hugging frame shape to reduce brace movement and improve fit/range of motion, simplified Easy Open release system, stronger and stiffer long travel front suspension, back supports that appear smaller but increase surface area, light and tougher padding material and an innovative wireless tether for longevity. Comfort and mobility are just as important as safety, as we feel limiting ones ability through constricting equipment can lead to potentially dangerous situations where someone may not be able to react properly to avoid the situation. As the future of our sport, we want kids to feel safer while taking risks by wearing safety equipment that does not hinder their ability, so we included all of our game changing flexibility technology into the Atlas Tyke.


Split frame promotes flex to mimic natural body movements for maximum comfort and mobility
Flexibility helps absorb and reduce impact forces before they reach the body by perpendicularly pushing them away from the point of helmet impact
Brace appears smaller than the competition, but contacts 27% more of the body
Easy Open release system
Dual design maximizes the contact surface area, spreading impacts over a wide area of the body
Each side operates independently for improved function during a wide range of impacts
Spine Free Back Supports
Dual design maximizes the contact surface area, spreading impacts over a wide area of the body
2 possible mounting positions (+/- 8mm)
Remove axle and switch to other mounting hole in back support to increase stock size by 8mm
Allows the brace to grow with the child
Tough High Impact Polypropylene construction
Ultra lightweight and tough padding
Custom machined Aluminum axles and mounts
Refined simplicity for an unmatched experience