Leatts Adventure chest protector answers riders question What chest protector works best with the Leatt-brace? We have designed this chest protector that integrates perfectly with the brace. Exclusive BraceOn elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt-Brace®, yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. A critical need for championship level riding. Front of protector meets CE approval EN 14021. Dirt Rider magazine says: the most effective, functional and easiest to use product in its category. Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use. Made of extremely tough HDPE and washable Biofoam. Liberal venting helps keep rider cool. Adjusters allows for different length both front and back for personalized fit. Front and rear removable plates allow brace to fit close to body, as it should. Adjustable arm and chest straps for great fit Removable shoulder and upper arm guards. Fits riders from approx. 120-190 pounds (54-85kg). Cyril Despres, Dakar Rally Legend, says "...the front part fits the body and sides extremely well and it is very comfortable to wear thanks to the use of foam at contact points. Protecting all the important parts of the body, it is one of the first pieces of body armor to be specifically designed for use with a Leatt neck brace. I love it. "

Leatt Adventure Chest

SKU: LB0500030241

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